About me

My name is Rasmus, I was born in 1983 and live in the city of Malmö in Sweden. The third largest city in Sweden, it sits nicely in the south near the open sea and is connected via a bridge and tunnel to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Its geographic position makes it easy for people in the south of Sweden to quickly drive or take a train to the heart of Europe, or beyond. 

Photomagic is a one man photographic company which is currently run on a part time basis along my every day job. This means most of my shooting is being done on the weekends or in the evenings. Should you wish to hire me don't be scared of by this, instead, contact me and we'll have a dialog, I'm sure we can figure something out that will work for all of us. 

I shoot most things although I specialize in weddings, portraits and architecture. Street and documentary photography is something that I absolutely love and will be working hard to improve in the near future. This is also something that shows in my wedding work, I shoot documentary style, this means I generally don't do poses, I won't force you to smile, I won't shove someone up your face in order to get a posed, unnatural photo that will be thrown away by you or your family.                It also means I won't take you or your "spouse to be" to a studio. I do most of my shooting on location with all that comes with it. Unpredictable environments, lighting, conditions and, if outdoors, weather. I am a firm believer in "there is no bad weather". You work with what you have, a full blown sunshine is rarely the best conditions for photography. I'd rather have overcast or a storm front pass by, this are the times where some really strong and unique photos can be created, photos that will stay with you for life. Of course, this doesn't mean I only work outdoors. I work indoors as well, setting up a room as a studio with lighting may very well happen, especially for portraits. So, whether you choose to hire me or not, just remember that you should never ever be disgruntled by "bad weather". Work with it, live with it and see it as an opportunity to go against the flow and be unique.   




On a more personal note...

I have a passion for photography and adventure/action sports. I love to feel the adrenaline flow through me while going downhill fast on skis or while hanging on to my fingertips on a piece of sun kissed granite cliff. To feel as one with the asphalt as I skate my way through the city traffic on inlines, or pedaling on a bike across a country road surrounded by fields and forests. Most of all I love to feel a warm breeze and the spray of salt water hitting my face as I enjoy a day on the open sea in a sailboat. To know that I am one with nature and all that I do is on natures terms. 

Some of this I do as often as I can, some of it don't do quite as often anymore (the southern parts of Sweden are generally very flat and not very suitable to vertical miss adapted people like my self which means that climbing is something I don't normally do on a regular basis. I'd love to get out and take some action climbing shots though so if you happen to want some shots of you, well, you know who to contact!

When I was 16 I took my gliders license. A glider is an airplane, actually, it's an airplane without an engine, made sorely to soar with the birds using nothing but earths winds to keep you up there. Due to different reasons I no longer practice flying but I have plans to try and set up a few sessions with flying clubs in Sweden in order to get some arial photography (and to satisfy my need to leave the earths crust once again, if only for a little while).

During the summer I sail and spend time doing this and that on my sail boat. It's a small, 28 feet long, 70's boat made in Finland. The type is an H-boat. This interest has, for now, replaced my flying. I suppose they are very similar part from the fact that one is done on the water and the other in the air. Sailing and flying gliders both depend on the earths winds and how to make the most of them, to work with them instead of against them. I have this dream that I might one day have a sailboat that is completely energy independent that I can go with around the world, documenting what I see and experience with my camera close to me at all times.